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With many years experience measuring and fitting blinds we have seen many strange and wonderful windows. We have many

solutions for problematic areas. If you need any advice give us a call or email us and we'll be happy to help.


Q I have low windows in my bedroom and have beautiful views

over the Ribble Valley. The  only trouble is, if I want privacy, I

lose my views when I lower the blinds.

A We have a range of honeycomb pleated blinds. These have no holes in them so privavy is improved, they're insulating, and best

of all we offer a top down/bottom up operation. This will give you privacy from below while still allowing you unobstructed views.


Q I have just had a conservatory built  and now I need blinds for privacy and to keep out the heat.Also, I like to put ornaments on my window sills.What blinds do you recommend?


AMost blinds will go into a conservatory, but the ideal solution are perfect fit venetian blinds. These do not take up any room at all on your window sill and the aluminium slats can be tilted for privacy  or closed to block the sun. These also have a stylish and contemporary appearence.



Q I have a BAY window, What type of blinds do you recommend?

AAny blind is suitable for a bay window, but if you  want to try something different why not try roman blinds. You can even have different colours either side of the centre. This will add warmth, eliminate the need for curtains and create a really stunning statement.





Q I really love the warmth and colour of natural wooden blinds, but I don't like venetians. What do you suggest?

A We have a large selection of woven wood blinds that come as either roll up or roman blinds, or natural impressions rollers. These are both completeley natural products  and add warmth andthe natural earthy tones of wood.


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